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After writing a lot of blogs about others and their dating stories, a friend of mine recommended me to tell you my own personal story trying to find a wife.

After I got divorced from my first wife 4 years ago, after 16 years of marriage, I felt really lousy and terribly lonely. I was 45 years old and was used to having people around me day and night, and I decided that I did not want this for the rest of my life.I knew a guy who had a nice Russian wife and I started thinking about this and found what I looked for on the internet one night.I went straight to online dating services. I also wanted a Russian bride!

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This is obviously a hugely popular dating network since more than 10 years. They operate in Russia and Eastern Europe, seem very professional and with a very attractive site easy to navigate. And with so many gorgeous girls in the free galleries I simply could not resist! More than 20,000 to choose among!

Well, I checked out all features and conditions and decided to join (for free) the network. I used the excellent keyword search facilities (including video presentations) to find  women with the profile I was looking for. I finally ended up with three girls I fancied. We started exchanging mails and letters, then live chats and phone calls, sometimes with the help of a translator, which functioned well but not so private maybe. But I really enjoyed these contacts, but decided to go and meet them personally. Especially one of the three ladies appealed to me. I ordered tickets!

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AnastasiaDate have local offices or reps in many cities including  Odessa where they took good care of all arrangements  and even found me an apartment while a stayed there a week. Besides the three girls I knew from before I was presented with a few others. Of course I was nervous, but all went smoothly without any embarassing moments, and I had a wonderful time with the girls and in all respects had a fantastic holiday. I enjoyed the country and the culture and most important of all:

Lydia, the woman I had especially fancied from day 1, appeared to be my perfect match, 32 years, educated, beautiful and full of life! And single! So after 2 days I decided to stay with Lydia, and when I left Odessa, we had already agreed that she should visit me in Florida, assisted by AnastasiaDate, arranging a special entry visa (K1)for foreign nationals going to marry Americans.


The rest is history. Since 2 years Lydia and I are married. Maybe I have been extra lucky, but I never one moment regret I had the guts to look up the internet and go and find my happiness In Ukraine. Thank you, AnastasiaDate! Strongly recommended!

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The Wife Finder which I used for seeking women.

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INTRODUCTION is one of the largest and most popular dating services on the internet. It started its activities back in 2001 and claims to have 23.000+ registered profiles with a very high number of beautiful women,focusing mainly on Russia and previous Soviet-bloc countries as Ucraine and Belarus, but also on other parts of the world. The professionalism and attractive pages as well as its cutting edge technology are considered the best in this business segment and are the focus of envy by its competitors. Finding a Russian bride or a Russian wife has never been easier.

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To join AnastasiaDate is free.You can view all profiles and all photos of all the profiles before you sign up. You can also upload for free photos of yourself.If you want to make use of the sophisticated communication tools and a number of other features, however, you will have to buy so called credits, bought by Credit Cards and PayPal. Nothing good comes for free!

All the latest communication technology is put to use to give the best service and value to the customers. Through extensive translation services customers can use various types of phone service and email, live chat service and video dates.You can also order presents and flowers to the ladies.
Visits can be arranged through famous matchmaking tours, apartments can be rented and a full and extensive “date a lady” service is organized.
AnastasiaDate also offers a full search facility based on vital keywords.If you want to know for instance somebody’s proficiency in English or zodiac sign, this is possible to find out! And lately, can also assist with special visiting visas to the US for brides-to-be!

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AnastasiaDate is proud to offer the best customer service on the internet, either by phone, mail or chatting. They have their own offices in the US and in Moscow, with hundreds of representatives all over Russia and Ucraine and other countries.

AnastasiaDate is aiming at other parts of the world, and now can offer very attractive and successful sites called AMOLATINA. All sites now also come in German and French.

Like all websites of this kind, there will always be people who want to make a quick buck in a dishonest way. AnastasiaDate has an extremely strict scammer policy which they force without pardon. You must also take certain measures and precautions like for instance never send money to people you do not really know.

There are a lot of matchmaking services on the internet, but we honestly believe that all said, is the one and only dating service that give you a very good value for your hard-earned bucks! Looking for an attractive and good wife has never been easier, not least thanks to – GOOD LUCK!

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I’m James from Florida and you might have read my very personal story about finding my Russian bride Lydia in Odessa (Ukraine) through a popular dating service called AnastasiaDate. I know that many people are or have been in the same situation as I was two years ago, sad and lonely after a marriage breakup. My aim is to tell my readers in an honest and unbiased way how you can get out of such a mess. My personal story proves that this is possible. And today’s story will give you more evidence.

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I have an old friend called Harry, who is now 39 and is living an active bachelor’s life, but he is now ready to settle down and find a wife. Living in Miami, he loves Latin culture and also Latin women obviously, so he would prefer a “Latina”, which has proved a bit difficult for him, not least because he is a little shy when it comes to dating women.

However, I talked him into looking for a girl on the internet on an online dating service. I immediately thought of AnastasiaDate and its specialized Latina site called Amolatina and felt this was right for Harry.

People who read my personal story how I found my wife Lydia and made her my wife will remember how I went about it. Amolatina belongs to the same group AnastasiaDate and are acknowledged as maybe the largest and the most professional dating service online today. Their site is attractive, easy to navigate; they have all the cutting edge communication technology and give an excellent value for money. And literally 1000’s of VERY attractive women wanting a US or European husband. There are enormous photo galleries and now also videos that you can see for free. Sign-up is free also.

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Harry soon found his ideal partner profile through Amalatina’s matching search system, and started emailing and phoning/video-chatting his lovely Brazilian Maria, an olive-skinned beauty of 25. His little Spanish helped a lot and they soon agreed that he should fly down to her native Rio de Janeiro for Christmas vacation. The dating agency’s rep. met him at the airport and put him up in a pre-booked apartment on Copacobana. Later that day a date was arranged for Maria and him to meet, and they really hit it off immediately. Because of the video he had seen of her before he left she was exactly the way he had expected.

He just loved the lively Rio and the beautiful Maria and after a few days they decided to stay together.



Harry is now back in Miami, but no day is passing without him talking to Maria.  A visit visa for her to travel to Miami has already been applied for and big plans are being made. All this because I talked to him about a dating agency that can change the course of one’s life….No wonder he offered me a free beer the other day! Maybe I start a marriage agency myself one day….

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